Hand Colouring Linocut Prints

Hello, I have been hand colouring my pomegranate ‘Alhambra IV’ and ‘Peru Flying Bird’ linocut prints. Here are some pictures of them hanging to dry. In case you’re wondering I hang them via magnets on my metal shelves; a great space-saving idea for anyone with little room to work in.

Why hand colour prints? Why not print all the colours? My answer is that I always use any technique to get the desired result. I like the way that drawing ink sinks into the paper whereas the oil based printing ink sits slightly on the paper. The oil based printing ink is printed densely whereas the drawing ink has some translucency, I like the visual contrast. Unfortunately you cannot see this subtlety of surface in these photograph. Also I like the way that each print is even more slightly different, as well as the print impression being varied – the way the colouring is applied differs slightly too.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)


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