Peru Flying Bird linocut – printing the lino

Yesterday I was printing my ‘Peru Flying Bird’ linocut which is an accompanying print to my ‘Peru Big Cat’; both inspired by the designs and symbols on a Peruvian textile that I bought in the USA years ago.

As you can see I have used a multiple colour roll method for inking up, where you roll more than one colour onto the roller. In this case an orange stripe in the middle with blue either side. I have encountered some difficulty with this method, where the blue ink soon bleeds into the orange ink too much, resulting in the pure orange stripe becoming narrower the more times you apply the ink to your lino. The only satisfactory way I have solved this is by starting afresh with new ink after 10 prints, so not the most efficient method. Perhaps other printmakers out there have some advice on this issue?

I am pleased with the resulting prints; but will probably hand ink half the edition of this print as I have already done with ‘Peru Big Cat’. I like the way that drawing ink sinks into the paper whereas the oil based printing ink sits slightly on the paper, I like the visual contrast.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)


One thought on “Peru Flying Bird linocut – printing the lino

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