I see Alhambra – 4 editioned prints

I am still finalising the design for my ‘I see Alhambra’ book; meanwhile I decided to edition 4 of the prints from the book. The book comprises of single colour linocuts, which compliment each other through form and colour. Yet I could envision 4 of these prints with added colour, making a mini print statement on their own. These prints are inspired by the decorative moulded plaster casts that adorn the Alhambra; in situ these casts are white, some retain traces of the original bright colours that once sang out from the walls. My prints are concentrating on specific details taken from walls of casts; taking forms that I find compelling, I have redrawn and colourised these images, trying to capture an echo of how these decorative casts might once have looked, making prints that delight the eye and mind.


Here are some photographs of the first proofs, prints drying, and a close up on the first editioned prints.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)


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