V&A Ceramic Galleries – A fantastic collection to visit time and time again

One of my favourite collections to revist is the V&A Ceramics Galleries; the sheer size and wealth of the collection means that you can never get jaded revisiting, you will always be constantly suprised, and inspired by the items on display. Not just a place for ceramic lovers; but anyone interested in drawing, illustration, print, colour, form, composition, history, sculpture…. cannot fail to find something of interest here.



I do have a particular love of animals depicted on ceramics; apart from loving animal imagery, I suppose when it comes to kitchen/dining utensils I like the link between the meat, fowl or fish that one may eat from such ceramics that depict the animal itself. Actually quite a gory thing to like when you think about it. As always humans can live with such contradictions; we prefer to enjoy animal imagery of beautiful and alive creatures, whilst equally happy to consume them! 

V&A Dish by De Morgan, William Frend


V&A Figure Horse


V&A Tile featuring a Pig


V&A Ewer featuring a Cow


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