River Lea Pot – Ceramics

I started learning ceramics in 2009; I absolutely love love the whole of the ceramics process. I am still on a learning curve, but I am making pieces that I hope make a statement. I have just picked up my first finished piece from my ceramics course this year; it is a small pot inspired by my weekend walks in the Lea Valley. How lucky we are in London, never too far away by walking or car or train or bus from a beautiful green space. How lucky I am to be not too far from the beautiful Lea Valley, abundant with animals,  insects, plants and peacefulness.  This pot conveys the swaying movement of grasses and bull-rushes waving breezily over still water. I hope to make a series of pots that tell the story of my walks in the valley.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)


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