I see Alhambra – Preparing the lino – Part 2

Once you have decided on an image that you want to print, you need to transfer that image onto the lino plate. There are a few different ways of transferring an image:

  • You can trace your drawing using graphite pencil and tracing paper. Turn over the paper and place on the lino plate, drawing back over the traced image hard should transfer a faint graphite pencil line onto the lino plate.
  • You can make a paper stencil of your image if it is simple enough and stencil the image onto the lino plate.
  • Freely draw by hand onto the lino plate.

I prefer to draw directly onto the lino plate in pencil; once I am happy with my drawing I  go over the pencil in permanent black marker pen. I will then rub out any pencil that is left on the surface of the lino. The black marker pen is easier to see on the surface of the lino when cutting and it doesn’t smear as graphite pencil does. If you want to include writing in your print, then make sure you draw the writing backwards on the lino plate, as when you print it will read the correct way – please see photograph. Now we are ready to cut.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)


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