I see Alhambra – Inspiration – Part 1

On a trip to Granada I had the wonderful experience of spending a day at the Moorish palace and fortress – Alhambra. An exterior of high faceless red walls and boxy towers contrasts with an interior of colourful mosaic and decorative moulded architectural casts. I took photographs which I will reference to make the images that will be the final prints in my book. I like to make books that distill a particular feeling that I experience; in this case the pleasure and enjoyment of the detail in the design of the Alhambra. I use photography as a tool that helps me identify and focus in on what interests me. I then like to distill the image further by drawing, helping to further focus in on an idea and also to understand with my hand and eye how an image is made up. As I intend to make simple linocuts, I am exploring the photographs by drawing with just pencils and ink pens.

(All images and works under copyright © Catherine Cronin)


4 thoughts on “I see Alhambra – Inspiration – Part 1

  1. Such a lovely idea … I’ve always wanted to see the Alhambra. I use photography and images in a similar way … collected in a resource book and then extracted and distilled as and when I need them.

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